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nanoCAD- a complete & effective CAD solution for engineers, technicians, designers, & drafters

nanoCAD is a CAD solution for engineers that allows for creating, editing, sharing, managing, and validating CAD models in the standard DWG format.
nanoCAD offers a range of essential modules. These modules can be seamlessly integrated to enhance productivity, whether for architectural design, engineering projects, or other specialized applications.

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nanoCAD can be used on its own as a cost-effective DWG-editor, or customized with essential modules:
Construction, Mechanica, Raster, Topoplan and 3D Modeling

Why to choose nanoCAD?

nanoCAD supports 100% industry based standard DWG

Standard DWG editor

nanoCAD supports 100% industry based standard DWG. No data loss while saving or reusing files in nanoCAD and other CAD systems. It also supports complex DWG objects, like 3D point clouds and IFC models.

nanoCAD can be used in mechanical engineering, building design, architecture, site design and landscaping

All-inclusive CAD platform

nanoCAD can be used in various disciplines namely mechanical engineering, building design, architecture, site design and landscaping. Creating drawings from simple to complex supported by international standards can be done using nanoCAD.

nanoCAD’ user interface requires no retraining

Familiar user interface

nanoCAD’s operating principles are designed with drawing spaces, command lines, positions of menu items, and icons. It requires no retraining. Users can switch between the modern ribbon and classic CAD user interfaces swiftly. Settings can be copied from one workstation to another. The visual interface of nanoCAD is custom-built with every aspect of nanoCAD.

For developing third-party applications and add-ons

Open API to developers

For developing third-party applications and add-ons, nanoCAD provides an extensive application programming interface (API). Applications of any complexity can be built with this powerful API. Developers can use the built-in Script Editor with scripts based on ActiveX Automation (JS, VBS, and so on), as well as for LISP with DCL dialog control language for small applications and utilities.

With permanent license users can avail 3 years updates in a very affordable price

Permanent license

Without making a count of spreadsheets, nanoCAD makes it easy by providing permanent license. With permanent license users can avail 3 years updates in a very affordable price.

Users with subscription are provided with technical support

Technical support

Users with subscription are provided with technical support via email and help-desk during the use of the software.

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Areas covered by nanoCAD

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

It is an engineering branch that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science, to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

    Scope of coverage

  • Automotive engineering    Automotive
  • Manufacturing industry    Manufacturing
  • Aerospace engineering    Aerospace
  • Design industry    Design
  • Industrial   Industrial
  • Marine engineering    Marine
Architecture and construction

Construction & Architecture

The collaboration of architects, engineers, and construction professionals on residential, commercial, or industrial construction projects to ensure their smooth completion.

    Scope of coverage

  • Civil engineering    Civil
  • Architect    Architectural
  • Interior Design industry    Interior Design
Land survey

Land survey

With tools for digital terrain modelling and documentation, nanoCAD extends it efficiency with its Topoplan module making surveyors’ work easier.

    Scope of coverage

  • Civil engineering    Civil
  • Road construction    Road construction
  • Network engineering    Network
  • Railway    Railway
Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & gas Industry

Oil and gas engineers benefit from the integrated tools provided by nanoCAD to accelerate speed to market, control budget, time management, enhance product quality and innovation.

    Scope of coverage

  • Equipment design   Equipment design
  • Facilities design   Facilities design
Indian railway
Indian oil

Looking for an perfect CAD software with affordable cost?

nanoCAD at affordable expense

Download nanoCAD free for 30 days to know what it’s like. We also suggest an annual subscription, a cost-effective way to gradually integrate nanoCAD into your office. Annual subscriptions are also handy for bulking up temporarily during large projects.

We offer three-year subscriptions that include permanent licenses, with free technical support and upgrades.

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